Raise Your Virtual Voice

a mighty network for artists

about raise your virtual voice

This is a place where artists can go and just BE themselves. The Artist Chat Room helps us connect and feel that sense of community we all need. 

It's also a great place to find inspiration. The Practice Rooms are created for singers who might need a little variety, positivity and guidance, when it comes to warming up every day. 

why you should join

Join if you feel the need for a sense of community. 

Join if you need a positive nudge in the practice room.

Join if you would like to turn off the news and, instead, do something wonderful for yourself.

a big thanks

Thank you to all the artists out there, who contribute to this beautiful community. Thank you to all of my voice teachers, who helped me cultivate a great relationship with vocal technique. And thank you to my students, who always inspire me to create new things. 

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